Welcome to our new build your own boat site.

We hope to see many cool looking optimists coming out from this project. Just to remind you all, dark colors get easily scratches and will by time look “older”
Normal production time on special design boats is 4-6 weeks.
If you order a name on the boat it will be placed on each site.

Step by step:
1. Design your own boat
2. See the design and price
3. Sent the design to us
4. You will get a price including transport and a delivery date
5. Then you just need to do pre payment and wait 

Standart 3D Star: 2648,- euro
Inside hull color: 220,- euro
Gunwale in two: 110,- euro
Gunwale: 60,- euro
Mast thwart: 80,- euro
Waterline: 320,- euro
Midship: 60,- euro
Name on the boat: 35,- euro

All prices are without VAT and transport cost.